This is how it works, first decide on the kind of vehicle you want. We have cars, SUV’s and vans. Then we will help you find one that is comfortable for your budget and the price range you want to be in. You can test drive it and have a mechanic check it out if you like. That’s right! We have nothing to hide and want you to be happy with your vehicle. We encourage mechanical inspections.

An alternative to bad credit auto loans

How our program works:

First, we don’t do any credit checks. All we need from you is a valid driver’s license, proof of income, proof of address and a down payment. If you have these items then you are approved.

Ok, so you have those things but I’m sure you’re wondering how much of a down payment you need?

Well, we have cars in all different price ranges. We have down payments from $900 down to a few thousand down just depending on the price range of the car you want. We have cheap work cars on up to high end luxury vehicles. We have something for everyone!

We accept cash for the down payments and credit cards. visa mastercard and discover

We can make your payments monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly. We are very flexible and make the payments fit your schedule and budget.

As long as you pay your vehicle off in the scheduled term you will pay no interest either! That alone saves you thousands compared to other dealers!

Why you will save thousands buying a car from us!

Example deal from Sun Auto Sales Example deal from local competition
2005 Dodge Durango 2005 Dodge Durango
Price: $6995 +tax, title Price: $6995 +tax, title
Interest (finance charges) $ zero Interest (finance charges) $ 3173.00 at 24.9%
Total paid $7668.16 Total paid $10841.38
Savings= $3173!!! Savings= 0


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